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A Charmed Life

A Charmed Life NLP

Charmed LifeHave you ever wondered how everything seems to go right for some people, while others just keep beating their heads against the wall? Or after they learned to stop beating themselves up, they are lost in disappointment and regret; going round in circles, wondering why things are so hard. How many people do you know who are always blaming life, other people, and the past, for the difficulties in their life?

A charmed Life

On the other hand, how many people have you met who seem to be living a charmed life; who make their own good luck as they go; and who always seem to turn difficulties to their advantage

Not so many, right? But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could actually learn to live a ‘charmed life’?

The truth is, you can. It’s a lot easier than you think. Anyone can do it. It begins with one single, simple skill: the ability to FOCUS.

How you focus, and where you direct your focus, determines just about everything in your life. And the best kept secret has always been that it really is much easy to change everything (by changing your focus in very specific ways) than you think.

You may have been taught that it’s difficult or impossible to change, that meditation is hard, that it takes years. But when you learn to change both how you focus, and what you focus on, you change everything. New attitudes, like new growth in springtime, change how you think, live, feel, and respond to the events of your life. Positive change becomes so easy you’ll wonder why you were so stuck before. Things start to go round and round again, but this time in a whole new direction.

I am not talking about having superhuman concentration. This is not about accepting someone else’s belief system, or putting your life on hold, or joining or subscribing to anything other than your own ability to change. It’s about learning to live by choice; it’s about mastering negative emotional habits so that you are no longer fighting a battle inside.

Now Live on Purpose, at Manzanita Village, is an immersion in simple essential skills for mindfulness and focus; exquisite tools that transform everything about how you can now move from feeling stuck, to knowing you can live a life of genuine celebration, internal wellbeing, and freedom.

Whether or not you think you know something about meditation, join us for this silent retreat to learn tools for mindfulness and change. Begin to use meditation not just as a way of passively observing, but to actively heal self-limiting beliefs, and persistent negative emotions. In these three days we will guide you through skills that you can easily incorporate into your life.

How is it that the simplest things are often made to seem like they are complex? Are you ready to unravel the tangle of the limitations from your past that tell you what you can and cannot accomplish? Click Here

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Natural State of Mindfulness: Choiceless Awareness and Clearly Defined Outcomes

Natural State of Mindfulness

If you don’t have a destination or a goal how will you ever arrive there? And, if you are so focused on your goals that you forget where you are, how will you know where to begin? To pursue your dreams, and to live fully in the present, that is the key. Caitriona Reed

The words ‘choiceless awareness’ describe a natural state of mindfulness. Choiceless awareness means being fully present to your life. It does not mean making NO choices. Obvious? .. You’d think! ..

If you have ever imagined that ‘spiritual’ practice or mindfulness was a way to avoid embodying ALL the possibilities that life offers you, or if you’ve confused awareness with inactivity or resignation … then we have something that might be perfect for you… A Natural State of Mindfulness .. BIG PICTURE MINDFULNESS .. Now Live on Purpose! This work provides you with tools for a fully integrated and engaged spiritual practice.

Choiceless awareness simply means that whatever happens is the best thing that could have happened. Whatever it is, you CAN deal with it. You can even respond by saying so: “This is the best thing that could have happened!” not because you understand why … YET!

The attitude you embody by saying those words allows you to make the best possible choices as you move forward and to embody the power inside that allows to live fully ‘at choice’ and to move to ever greater clarity through having clearly defined outcomes..

Check for upcoming retreats and workshops click here

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Relationship basics

Relationship basics

 Relationship basicsThe relationship basics you need to have relationships with others. Whatever sort of relationship that may be – professional, romantic, and everything in between—is inevitably a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.  That means that any internal conflict you have within yourself— any conflict of values, or unfinished business – will show up on the outside.

People ask how they can change what they are  completely unconscious of. “How can I change what I haven’t been able to change through years of therapy, counseling, meditation, visualization etc.?”

The truth is that the energy you have devoted to the negative, and the difficulty you have assigned to changing it, is a big part of the problem.

It’s not a question of struggling to solve your problems and achieve your dreams. It’s a question of coming from the place where you dreams already live, that forgotten place where you KNOW solutions are possible.

That and some specific, seldom taught  tools to help you clear the debris from your heart and spirit. People who love learning to change their old limiting beliefs and world-view love this work. Click here.

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Quick-start guide for tricky emotions

Hi there!

Did you ever buy a gadget or new software  only to discover that both the manual and the quick-start guide were missing?

Did you ever wonder if there was a really good manual for being a human-being? Actually there are a few.

But what about a quick-start guide for learning to navigate your emotions, habits, dreams, and goals, rapidly and skilfully?

I mean, so that you can do more than just get by, more than just ‘managing’ – but thriving?

Like asking yourself the question  “How much joy and pleasure can I allow myself to feel today?”

And then exceeding what you thought was possible.

Keys to freedom … get the life you want and throw away that key!

The best metaphors make you laugh and think in new ways. Here’s one that’s great to use with a live audience. It’s one of my favorites. You can go over the top with it – if that’s your style.

… Imagine yourself locked in a prison cell. You have a key that will allow you to escape. But the prison cell is cozy and safe. Instead of leaving your prison you study the history of keys, write a treatise or two on imprisonment. Your are invited to deliver lectures at important conferences, and you receive numerous awards. But the cell is safe and familiar.

Perhaps you are a psychologist, and you do research on why people who have keys don’t use them, can’t find them, lose them, are afraid of them.

Perhaps you are devotional by nature. You make an altar for your key. Surround it with flowers and incense, pray to it, meditate in its awesome presence.

Perhaps you are indignant about injustice in the world. You lobby for people imprisoned in various kinds of cells. It helps you take your mind off your own situation.

Some people test their key to see if it really opens the door. It does! Wonderful! Amazing!

Others may open the door to peep out. It’s so beautiful outside. So much space!

There are other who open the door wide and admire the view but never step out of their cell.

There are a few who open the door, walk outside, and throw away the key.

What would it take for you to know that you have the key, that it’s okay to use it, to open the door, and then throw away that key forever?