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Present Moment – Future Moment

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If you do not have a destination, a goal, then how can you ever arrive there? At the same time, if you have a goal, but are fixated on arriving there, without really knowing where you are right now, you cannot fully know the steps you must take. To pursue your dreams and goals, AND to live fully in the present, THAT is key. Caitriona Reed

Hypnosis and your Unconscious Mind

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Everything you’re not conscious of is your unconscious mind. Everything you are not focusing on, everything you’re not aware of, all your habits ….

Because we have automatic associations with and responses to certain things, the unconscious mind can be a liability, or anally in helping you achieve your goals.

Hypnosis is learning to communicate directly with your unconscious mind.

What Do You Desire?

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What happens when you open to your deepest longing;  not the busy chatter of habitual wants and imagined needs, but something deeper?

Write a list of one hundred things you would like to do in your lifetime. Dare to make the list as bold as you can. You will a lot something if you take take the time to do this. I promise.